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You've stumbled on Royal Pink, a shrine to the digitally animated series of Barbie movies released by Mattel. Whether you're two or sixty-two, it shouldn't matter, as these are enjoyable for anyone with a young and fun-loving heart ♥

Please note that I choose to focus on the PRINCESS line of films. You won't see the Mermaidia or Fairytopia stuff here - at least not right now.


8.15.09} nothing new at this time, just wanted to make it clear I'm not dead and haven't abandoned this site :)

10.11.08} descriptions up for Island Princess and Diamond Castle

6.19.08} new wallpaper section. In movie news, BARBIE AND THE DIAMOND CASTLE along with BARBIE IN THE CHRISTMAS CAROL are up for preorder and will be released in September and November, respectively.

1.22.08} site is up

If you're looking to contribute anything to this site, be it fascinating "unknown" trivia, fanfiction, or icons, please feel free to get in TOUCH with me.



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