RetroChristine (Daa! Daa! Daa!) She is half French and half Japanese. While usually sweet and seemingly non-threatening, spend a signifigant amount of time around her and you'll notice her extremely wild temper and tendency to overreact. Her family is very rich.

RetroMomiji (Fruits Basket) He is half German and half Japanese. An incredibly sweet boy who loves to dress cutely/like a girl. He looks a lot younger than his actual age.

RetroTamaki (Ouran High School Host Club) He is half French and half Japanese. While passionate, kind, and intelligent, he tends to act quite silly and overly dramatic. Likes to carry a rose around with him. His family is ridiculously rich.


RetroSchmidt (Hayate the Combat Butler) Schmidt works at a beach resort and enjoys "helping" people create special summer memories during their stay; whether they like it or not. Says "create" a lot and is quite stubborn.

RetroTina (Kirarin Revolution) She is an American pop singer who befriends Kirari while she and SHIPS are visiting New York. Fluent in Japanese. I believe she only exists in the anime.

RetroMary (Kocchi Muite! Miiko) Miiko gets lost while in Harajuku, and meets this crying little girl. While nervous and avoidant of the foreigner at first, they soon become friends considering they're both lost and alone. Mary is American and hangs out with Miiko for a brief amount of time until locating her missing parents.

RetroPicolet (Ranma 1/2) This is the most extreme portrayal of a gaijin I've ever seen. Picolet comes from a wealthy French family who specialize in "martial arts dining." It's also a trait for them to sport freakishly huge mouths and super long tongues.

If there is a character you feel I need to add (I'm slowly making this list as I go), feel free to contact me. It would be helpful if you provided a picture and brief description of the character but it's not necessary.