Really good Pokemon doujinshi can be difficult to come by, especially in the case of Ash/Misty pairings. You'd think, with such a large and popular series with a fanbase all over the world, you could get more of them, but I suppose not.

This series takes top priority in my collecting, since I love it so very much. I only stick to the "original three" (Ash, Misty, Brock), though, but Tracy is fine if need be.

TITLE: Chocolate Panic!

GENRE: Romance, Ash x Misty

CIRCLE: Takanotsume Gold

SUMMARY: It's Valentine's Day, and like many girls, Misty is getting cold feet about giving that special someone their gift. But when Team Rocket steals the treasured chocolate she knows she has to get it back before the end of the day, or else Ash may never understand her feelings!

THOUGHTS: This story is as sweet as any chocolate treat. Misty keeps chickening out of giving Ash his chocolate (he makes it clear in the beginning to anyone nearby that he doesn't like the holiday, anyway), and when she finds out Team Rocket swiped it (without knowing it belongs to her, not like it matters) she follows them to try to get it back. But what's this? Ash was following her? It's just too cute, and so worth the price I paid.

TITLE: Love Love Mode Pikachu

GENRE: General, Gag

CIRCLE: Hikaru Aranaga

SUMMARY: Series of short panel stories and sketches.

THOUGHTS: While simple, I think the "keeper" aspect of this doujinshi for me is the art style. It's really cute/cool. Most of it centers around Ash, Misty, and Pikachu (I didn't see Brock or Tracy once, and it's very obviously from the early seasons). There is a 4 panel comic of Team Rocket near the end, though. I think the yellow printing paper just adds a certain touch, too. I dunno, I really like it :)

TITLE: Manaspure

GENRE: Romance, Ash x Misty, fanfiction

CIRCLE: Vivid Kids

SUMMARY: As this story is 99% fanfiction and 1% pictures, I can't really tell you what it's about.

THOUGHTS: I don't come across ALL words doujinshi, and I wasn't aware that it was when I bought it. I'm currently trying to translate it.

TITLE: Marine Girl

GENRE: Romance, Ash x Misty

CIRCLE: Vivid Kids

SUMMARY: Ash, Tracey, and Misty tell each other scary stories. Misty and Ash fight as per usual. Who will have the upper hand?

THOUGHTS: I'm not sure, but I think they were competing on who could tell the scariest story. Tracy talked about sketching a mysterious woman, Ash about walking around in the dark, Misty about holding someone's hand, which turned out to be someone she didn't know. In the end I think Ash wins by talking about bugs (and Misty totally loses it). I'm not quite sure where the romance part fits in.

TITLE: Musakoji DX DX

GENRE: Romance, Jessie x James

CIRCLE: Collection of various artists/circles

SUMMARY: In one story, Jessie takes James on a shopping spree where they run into Butch and Cassidy. In another, Jessie must find the real James in a room of clones. Lots of various stories and pictures!

THOUGHTS: This is one of my favorite in my collection. A lot of the art is hit or miss. Some are wonderful, some look... well... less than great. The good thing is that the great art overpowers the bad, and even if you can't read Japanese the stories are basically easy enough to understand.

TITLE: Orange Mail

GENRE: Romance, Ash x Misty

CIRCLE: Takanotsume Gold

SUMMARY: After one of Ash and Misty's typical fights, Misty separates from Ash and Brock in the forest, and is severely injured after an encounter with a large group of bugs. A hysterical Togepi rushes to get help, and though Ash hid his concern for Misty's whereabouts before, he is all too eager to find her.

THOUGHTS: Such a cute story! Ash's deep loyalty and care for his friends is finely demonstrated, especially when he carries Misty piggyback (leaving her mind to wander about her relationship and what she gave up to be with Ash).

TITLE: Ready Go!

GENRE: Romance, Ash x Misty

CIRCLE: Vivid Kids

SUMMARY: Tracey, Misty, and Ash go to the beach. While there, Pikachu hatches up a scheme to get Misty and Ash together by giving Misty an electric shock. He fails miserably at this, but Togepi gives it a shot (with his psychic powers) and ends up disintegrating Misty's bikini top! Things look bad, but Ash protects Misty from embarrassment. In the second story, Misty and Ash stay the night in a cabin, but Misty can't get a lick of sleep with bugs crawling into her bed! After awhile she gives up trying to sleep, and Ash, having had enough of her behavior, offers to sleep next to her.

THOUGHTS: Good gravy, but it took me some work to get this one! The first time the seller blocked off my deputy service (I hate Japanese sellers who won't let foreigners bid!), and the second time (several, several months later) it was listed under another seller, so I was able to bid. Totally worth it. I love the part where Misty is so grateful for Ash offering to keep her company she cuddles up next to him, and he blushes. Awww!

TITLE: Ready Go!

GENRE: Humor


SUMMARY: Ash attempts to play a hot springs prank on Gary, but it doesn't quite work out. And an arguing Ash gets hit by an annoyed Misty.

THOUGHTS: The artwork in this doujinshi is awesome! Look at the cover, doesn't Ash look great? I love that he's biting his glove, running with importance, like he's about to join a great fight. I think there's a little bit of Ash/Gary. The Pokemon gang is at a hot springs, and Ash is trying to find and sneak up on Gary. When he finally finds him, Gary gets the upperhand, but gets a nosebleed when Ash makes a weird face. No Ash/Misty in here, sadly.

TITLE: Toi et Moi

GENRE: Romance, Ash x Misty

CIRCLE: Pokemon Biscuits

SUMMARY: Ash and Misty have feelings for each other, but they are young, and there is still much uncertain future ahead of them.

THOUGHTS: Most of this doujinshi is them just standing around in the woods, talking. There is some blushing and shy kissing, nothing dirty (though there is a side drawing on an extra page of them together draped in what I guess are bedsheets; you can't see any "naughty bits"). I'm not all that fond of the artwork but finding Ash/Misty doujinshi is so HARD these days I take what I can get. It's still incredibly adorable and I think any fan of this pairing would love it.


GENRE: Normal


SUMMARY: Ash is turned into a Pikachu. There is also another story with Ash and Charizard.

THOUGHTS: Awww... cute. There's an adorable scene near the end where Pikachu Ash is moved by Misty defending him, he jumps to hug her, and becomes human in the process. Needless to say, Misty is quite worked up after this. The first story didn't really catch my attention, and the artwork was a little iffy at times, but it's still nice. Plus, the mention of Girl Ash, or "Ashley," is always a highlight.

TITLE: Yumeirokibun

GENRE: Romance, Ash x Misty

CIRCLE: Vivid Kids

SUMMARY: When Ash falls and hits his head, he finds himself a few years into the future, being cared for by a 16 year old Misty. Is this a preview of things to come, or simply a dream?

THOUGHTS: Ash is so FLUSTERED in this one! And Misty was as Misty as ever (except for the part where she GLOMPS him and tries to kiss him). I do love near the end, where, after Ash wakes up, Misty gives him a genuine hug to show how worried she was. It made me feel all squishy.